Irina Evtchenko Piano teacher Montreal

Irina Evtchenko

Born in Russia, I started my musical instruction at the age of six like many other kids in my town. Musical education was very popular and very accessible in ex-Soviet Union. Almost every child was attending musical schools or other studios on a full time bases.

At the age of eleven I was very frustrated by the daily long sessions of practice, tests and exams. As a kid, I did not quite grasp what the music is all about and it was very annoying sometimes. As a result, my mom and I had decided to abandon the piano studies. That could have been the end of my story. But this was just the beginning. In our little town arrived a great teacher, Alla Renjina, graduated from the Conservatory of Moscow, the grand-grand student of Heinrich Neuhaus. Long story short, she completely changed my perception of music and motivated me to pursue piano lessons. I owe her a great deal of who I am as a person and as a teacher. I understood that it takes a lot of effort and determination but without a good teacher, it is easy to lose hope.

Yes! A teacher can make a difference!

Playing Piano

To me, music is a great way to escape in to the magical world of images, senses, colors and emotions.
I think that piano is the only instrument that suits this adventure. Unlike instruments like the flute or violin, piano can play pieces with complex and rich harmonies. That makes the piano a great dynamic solo instrument.
While it may seem very simple to just press the right keys, it is more complicated than patting your head while rubbing your tummy. Learning to perform complex pieces with precision and emotion needs a lot of practice and a very human touch. But it is way more rewarding too! That is one of the reasons why professional pianists will never be replaced by computers!
My methods are based on the ideas of the masters of Russian School of piano playing, the internationally known – Heinrich Neuhaus and Josef Lhevinne and new modern approaches that I’ve acquired during my experience in Canada.